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MOONLITE MARINE CORPORATION, founded by Gil Knudson in 1970, is owned and operated by sailors who conceive and build hardware using the rule of inventing and designing their own products.  Not copying others.

Initial testing begins on the corporate sailboat "Tigress" where friends and crew can study, experience and use prototypes in actual racing and cruising conditions to provide instant feedback.

Moonlite Marine is "quality nuts."  Their specifications and drawings contain the decision points of how big is too big, too small or rough, etc.   They follow up by making very good tools which run on well maintained equipment by people that are very critical of what they are making.

As of March 1995 Moonlite has produced over 1,000,000 spring type hatch holders.  They think you will agree, these numbers are an acclamation of their standards of invention and quality.

Most Moonlite Marine products are patented and many have met MIL-SPEC requirements for government use on aircraft, ships, submarines, emergency vehicles, etc.


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4280 square feet dedicated to quality marine products for your confidence and assurance.


  (949) 645-0130                                  776 West 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA  92627